Green Grain Group

GreenGrain Cashew Processing Industry

GreenGrain Cashew Processing Industry is the first ever integrated Cashew & Agro Processing plant of Bangladesh for both export & local market, established in Chittagong in June 2016, by own finance on 300000 Square feet floor space, and generated employment for near about 100 women workers. In Dec 2016 which has become a model for export oriented agro processed industry in Bangladesh with huge potential to expand in other edible nuts sector as well as to other agro-processing items. We are the 1st Raw Cashew Nut in Shell exporter, Cashew Kernel Exporter and the first integrated Cashew & Agro Processing Industry in Bangladesh having plan of further expansion of the product line includes all types of edible nuts(Almond, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Macademia, Betelnut), allied snacks & cookies, pulses(Lentils & beans), spices, oilseeds. Recently Our Industry and work has been drawn the positive attraction of the government and Recently, Honorable Agriculture Minister Dr. Md Abdur Razzak, MP & His Team visited us and appreciated our effort so far and promised to expand the helping hand of the government to develop the sector as well. We are actively working with government for formulating policies regarding cashew growing, Cashew processing and Cashew export in Bangladesh.

Competitive edge of Bangladesh over major exporting countries:

  1. Labor cost is 300 times lower than India and Vietnam.
  2. Bonded warehouse facility allowing duty-free import of raw material which is a complex process in India, Vietnam
  3. Destination market EU allows duty-free import (GSP) of Bangladesh processed cashew kernel which Vietnam, India don’t have
  4. Vietnam has lost duty-free access potential to USA market due to cancellation of “Trans Pacific Partnership” by USA
  5. Duty free access to billion dollar Indian local cashew market for SAFTA.
  6. Workers in Bangladesh work at 10 hours working shift whereas Vietnam/India works only 8 hours per shift
  7. It is possible to operate 2 x 10 hours work shift per day in Bangladesh which is not possible in India, Vietnam
  8. Hill tracts of Chittagong has been growing 500 MT Raw Cashew Nut which if nurtured can feed raw cashew nut at much cheaper price than international import.
  9. Cashew kernel price is directly sensitive to raw cashew nut price change as it is a delux item and making it risk free from raw material price volatility.

We will also focus on producing other by products like Cashew nut shell liquid, cardanol, residol and many more allied products and we strive to provide the versatile Cashew Nut Shell liquid and its distillates and derivatives tailored to customer’s requirements.